“Soul” mate!

A beautiful beginning to another beautiful week. My take on this week’s Monday Finish the Story is as follows. “A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.” Bathed in… Continue reading

Spots on Blue

Once again I’m posting my story on the picture prompt for Mondays Finish the story. It’s an exciting flash fiction challenge which gives writers the opportunity to go all creative and explore the… Continue reading


Having been badly webbed by work, I could hardly give time to writing. I’m making this post after what feels like ages! I hope you like it. The first look of the photo… Continue reading


I know I’m super late for this. Apologies! Firstly I want to begin this by expressing my in depth gratitude to Millie Thom for nominating me. It’s a great pleasure to receive feedback… Continue reading

The Marvel

I hope I expressed my idea subtly and clearly in this post. I try exploring different ideas and emotions. Yet another exciting way to begin the week for me with Mondays Finish the… Continue reading


I just love how Friday Fictioneers works. It just gives me so much happiness to get all creative and explore with the various thoughts playing a WHOLE NEW GAME in my head. I… Continue reading

Fool’s Lake

I was quite fascinated by this so I decided to try this out. This is my first post for @Mondays Finish the Story challenge. This is a flash fiction challenge where we are provided with… Continue reading

Nation and Prejudice

Just the other day my friend came up to me and said that Papon, one of the top leading singers of India, has a crazy fan following. He’s more of a God for… Continue reading

Sultan- Part I

“Madam zee, pure Mumbai mein mujhse acha collection aapko kahi nahi milega. Me have badiya clothes”, boasted the haggard looking man, whose rotund head had countable strands of grey hair. His coquettish smile… Continue reading


Growing up for her was more of a roller-coaster ride. With an abundance of happiness and gaiety and so much effervescence emerging from the very exuberant nature of the simple yet delicate household,… Continue reading