It’s a nice Wednesday morning. I wake up to smell fresh air. Unfortunately I can’t. The air is polluted and stinky. It’s summers now. From inside the cool car everything looks normal outside-… Continue reading


Mondays are happy for one and only reason – it’s Mondays Finish the Story time! This week we have a very interesting photo prompt which is and my interpretation to the picture is as… Continue reading

I, Me, Myself!

To me life is not effortless It’s a race to get material joys Where did I have time for myself? Time to do things that I always wished to do   Horrible bosses… Continue reading


This is yet another exciting week with Mondays Finish the Story challenge. I try taking different ways while writing. The photo prompt for this week is as follows And my interpretation to this… Continue reading

Anonymous Crafter

It’s so exciting to have so many platforms that give ample exposure to all kinds and genres of writings. I’m delighted to be a part of Picture It and Write by Ermilia. The… Continue reading


It’s always great fun to be a part of Mondays Finish the Story by Barbara W. Beacham. I’m making this post after very long. Here’s the photo prompt for this week. And my… Continue reading

Middle-class Superficiality

The term Middle Class Superficiality was coined by the great, eminent no one and that’s me, I. Not that I’m a “NO ONE”, I’d rather say that I’m on the road to becoming… Continue reading


He stood there, eyes riveted on something, his parched lips broadened into a shy smile, looking lost. Something of an unsaid nature was running through his head, his heart rushing blood in and… Continue reading


I have befriended nostalgia. We live together. We are sheltered under the same roof; we walk together and explore places. While asleep, nostalgia over pours my dreams. While walking down the road, it… Continue reading

Cheesy Cook

This is yet another Monday Finish the Story challenge. I get to explore so much through this challenge. The following is the picture for this week. This is my take on it.. “Pizza anyone?”… Continue reading