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That Strange Tale

His glare at her was never the usual one. A momentary glance at her, while she walked past him, had a silent intimacy, a burning desire and an unspoken tumult of emotions. His… Continue reading

It’s my birthday. It’s her day.

Today is my birthday. 25 years ago, on this day, I opened my eyes for the first time and let out a piercing cry. Seeing me cry, she cried too while she held… Continue reading

Those Freaky Long Umbrellas

Yes! You read that right. Those freaky, long and black umbrellas is what this piece is about. However, limiting the description of the umbrellas to “freaky, long and black” would not do justice… Continue reading

Then and Now

Long time ago, when things were much simpler, life was different. By “things” I mean emotions, expectations, joys, sadness etc. As a child my play was different, my joys and my wants were… Continue reading

The Perfect Gift

Hi all, I’m extremely excited to present my story to all of you. I wish to thank Phylor for providing this week’s photo promt. My interpretation of the picture, for the 76th Flash… Continue reading

Those Silent Screams

Tick-tock… tick-tock… shouts the clock, There goes the alarm singing its atypical rooster song, A reminder of a new day’s knock. Eyes open, still dry from the parched night of dreams long. Then… Continue reading

That Mango

Like humans, fruits too have life and age. Unlike humans, fruits have a much shorter life span. Why do I say so? Well, my comparison might seem a little odd to a regular… Continue reading


  Earth, sky, wind, water, light, cloud, trees shape our lives. Birds, flowers, rocks, roads, rains, thunder are elements our lives depend on. There are million more elements which define us as humans.… Continue reading

The Storm

There is a storm, one that is capable of grave destruction, one that blows away all thought processes, one that does not fathom stability, one that sees no barriers but envelopes everything it… Continue reading

Femme Fatales

Most of us are familiar with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Aphrodite was a woman of exceptional beauty with an allure capable of captivating every God in heaven. All… Continue reading