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That Strange Tale

His glare at her was never the usual one. A momentary glance at her, while she walked past him, had a silent intimacy, a burning desire and an unspoken tumult of emotions. His… Continue reading


He stood there, eyes riveted on something, his parched lips broadened into a shy smile, looking lost. Something of an unsaid nature was running through his head, his heart rushing blood in and… Continue reading


Having been badly webbed by work, I could hardly give time to writing. I’m making this post after what feels like ages! I hope you like it. The first look of the photo… Continue reading


I know I’m super late for this. Apologies! Firstly I want to begin this by expressing my in depth gratitude to Millie Thom for nominating me. It’s a great pleasure to receive feedback… Continue reading

Hey Uncanny Stranger!

Hey uncanny stranger, you stare all day and you stare not slyly, you stare most obviously! With a demeanor so impressive and expressive, a comportment exquisitely imposing, you command all that’s around you!… Continue reading

Love, Just like that

To the guy who has created an inerasable place in my heart. To the guy for who I’ll forever uphold my due respect and love. To the guy who’s made me produce this… Continue reading

Slam book days

Never in my sanest sense could I have ever anticipated myself having a so called ‘crush’ on any guy at the age of 13 or was it 12? Superlatively naïve that I was,… Continue reading