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That Strange Tale

His glare at her was never the usual one. A momentary glance at her, while she walked past him, had a silent intimacy, a burning desire and an unspoken tumult of emotions. His… Continue reading

That Mango

Like humans, fruits too have life and age. Unlike humans, fruits have a much shorter life span. Why do I say so? Well, my comparison might seem a little odd to a regular… Continue reading

She who is gifted is different (Poem on an autistic child)

Touched by the glazing light, she shines bright In the aura of the undimmed morning sky. The tender breeze touches her soft, so soft that The delight of the dayspring overfills her With… Continue reading

Beat the Pessimism

When life seems awry and is on the verge of getting dismantled, negativity overpowers positivity and you seem to land into the road of devastation. Were those the internal factors that caused such… Continue reading