Bio: I take one step at a time to reach the top of the ladder that leads to the sky. There exists no frontier. I let not the adventure in me fade away. I work each day to make a brighter today. Happiness is light. I dwell not in the past but I draw immensely from it. Nostalgia surrounds every aspect of my life or let’s just say that I’m shaped by it. My life is like the sun, it rises and sets but it shines with all its might all through the day. I hear my calling for something that’s still a mystery but hey, it’s fun to see the mystery unfold. Rather than waiting for the end, I savour and cherish the elements and paths I choose to take. Let the blues be taken over by the vibrant colours of the rainbow. The warmth of the sun guides me through the day and by nightfall I assure to spread the light.

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