That Strange Tale

His glare at her was never the usual one. A momentary glance at her, while she walked past him, had a silent intimacy, a burning desire and an unspoken tumult of emotions. His stare not only caused a whirlwind of strange feelings in her, it also intrigued her to an extent, unimaginable.

Such was the power of his look that she felt his presence around her even without physically sighting him. She did not know him, nor did he know her, yet she felt an odd connection with him. She often found herself feeling weakened by his glare.

The feeling of powerlessness she’d experience, with him at her vicinity, evoked a certain curiosity in her. Why was she feeling those feelings? What were these feelings? What made him overpower her just by his mere presence? He never spoke to her, nor did she ever smile at him, yet, every time they crossed each other, there were thousand words being telepathically spoken by them – words that aroused emotions so strong and fierce. She wasn’t the only one feeling it, he felt the same desires, tenfold.

The brief encounters between them were, however, not consistent. They were rather accidental, sometimes even deliberate. During occasions, she would often sense him staring at her endlessly. This would not only make her conscious, it would make her ill at ease. Failing to muster the courage to confront him, she would quietly slip out from his vision or hide behind faces.

His look intimidated her and his presence overwhelmed her. Such was the extent of his cryptic power! Frightened by the feelings she was experiencing, she attempted evading all prospects of seeing him. She stopped visiting the spots that were frequented by him and she even stopped attending social gatherings.

She succeeded until she started feeling his presence at home! No matter what she did, she felt his eyes following her every move. He took over her sleep too! He was in her dreams. While she stopped seeing him physically, she started seeing him subconsciously. Every morning she’d wake with bated breath! He was conquering her thoughts and dreams.

Perhaps, avoiding him wasn’t the best solution to get rid of him and the fear he was causing in her. Often, while sitting by the window to read or just gaze at the morning sky, she would suddenly jolt when she’d hear incoherent whispers. She would immediately look back to find the source of the whispers but see nothing. Her days weren’t usual anymore for she started sensing stranger things. Once, a crow came flapping its wings on the window sill, cawing endlessly. It seemed ominous, as if warning her of impending horror. She was horrified by this. In the following days to come, she kept her window shut. The crow, however, refused to budge from the branch right outside her window. Every morning while watering the plants by the window, she’d see the crow staring at her. It was the look that she was very well familiar with. It was the look that she was trying to escape.

Everything around her seemed frightening. What was happening? Was the crow trying to communicate with her? For some intuitive reason, she strongly felt he was the crow who’d come to see her. This thought startled her. Was it even possible for something as abnormal as this, to happen?

She felt a foreboding thought, one that was disembodied. She felt something coming. Hence, she decided to talk to him. Probably an interaction would end the air of tension and segue into something meaningful. It would finally bring an end to the stray thoughts of disquietude and even answer all the questions that she had in her mind.

Having set her mind, she visited the spot where she knew she would find him. She waited for him the whole day but he was nowhere to be seen. This she continued for the next few days but he never turned up. It was all so mysterious! Where was he, she wondered.

Thus, there never chanced an opportunity for them to speak, there were never words exchanged nor were questions answered for the unexpected was to befall.

One night, on her way back, a sudden flash of beaming light fell on her face, thereby, blinding her. Although the flash lasted for a second or two, the moments seemed much longer for she was not only blinded by the light, she felt a gush of wind whizz pass her face and a deafening shriek. This unexpected incident left her numb and before she even realized, she fell unconscious.


The air never felt so fresh, the sun never so soothing. She heard the gushing sound of the river coming from a distance. She closed her eyes and smiled as she basked herself in the sun and breathed the freshness of the cool air. It felt like a dream. When she opened her eyes, the image before her was different.

Upon gaining consciousness, she found herself in a room that was dimly lit by two lamps on either side of the bed. It was still dark outside. The windows were partially open and the draperies drawn to the sides. There were murals hanging in the walls. The room didn’t seem familiar to her. She tried recollecting the past. What had happened? She felt a sharp ache at the back of neck. She couldn’t recall a single thought of the incident that landed her in the room.

She did not waste time to jump out of the bed and find her way out of the unknown room. She threw the blanket off herself only to realize that she was wearing a negligee. Befuddled, she rushed to the door, when the door gently opened. She saw before her a figure that she knew very well. Aghast, she unknowingly steeped back. He walked in with a cup of simmering tea and handed it out to her. She felt disarmed. Words failed to flow out of her mouth. What was he doing here? Where did he come from!

She gathered herself and asked him how she reached here. He walked in, latched the door and told her that he had seen her fall unconscious on the road the previous night. Since he did not know her address, he picked her up and got her to his house. He even told her that he got his housemaid to change her clothes and help her to the bed.

She was instantly reminded of the flash and the noise that had left her motionless. Also she realized that she’d been unconscious for almost 24 hours!

Shocked by the event, she refrained from asking more questions. She thanked him for his generosity and decided to leave. But before she could pick her bag, she felt his breath on her hair and felt his finger touching and sliding down her bare arms. Overwhelmed by his touch, she turned around to look at him and warn him, but she was weakened by his gaze. He was standing closer than ever. He looked her straight in the eye. She was breathing heavily. Defeated by his look, she closed her eyes as she felt his lips touch hers. He seized her by her arms and pushed her towards the wall. She felt powerless. She could not stop him and she did not want to stop him.

His fingers gently caressed her neck down her cleavage. She felt a rush within her and fiercely ripped off his shirt. He instantly carried her to his arms and took her to bed. She found her emotions create an uproar within her. Her heart was racing like never before. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as she felt his hands crawl up her thighs under her negligée. She took a sudden deep breath when she felt his lips move up along her inner things. Clenching the sheets with her hands, she let out a loud moan. For the next few moments, she lost control and moaned in pleasure.

Ever since he had seen her, he’d been wanting to taste her. He finally had her on bed and he wouldn’t trade with anything to let the moment pass. All he wanted to do was savor her sweetness and relish her flavor. He caressed her breasts gently while working down on her.

He undressed her by tearing her negligee. Her hardened nipples got him to suck on her breasts. Slowly he inserted himself in her. She smoothly allowed him to get inside her. The black chain on her neck slipped down her shoulder as he thrusted himself hard, in her.  She screamed in pain as she felt him go deep inside. He thrusted deeper into her and moved in and out, in and out.

For a moment, she lost her voice. He grasped her by her hair and made aggressive love to her. She felt his hard in her soft self and felt it so deep that she couldn’t stop letting out her final cry of pleasure.

He wasn’t done with her. He turned her around and thrusted himself from the back. He did her hard until he came in her. Drained by the pace, he threw himself next to her and looked at her with fiery passion. He pulled her closer and kissed her.

There were innumerable questions in her mind, innumerable feelings that she wanted to express. Before she could ask him, he withdrew from the bed and walked out. She did not stop him.

He spent the whole night staring at her. While she slept peaceably with the moonlight brightening up her face, he looked at her endless beauty. Her skin was glowing with a pink tinge along her cheeks. He gently removed the few strands of her hair that carelessly fell on her face. He saw her breasts swell with every breath she inhaled. She was so beautiful! He wanted her! He lusted her! He loved her!

She awoke in the morning to the warm light of the sun, feeling an unfamiliar joy coming from deep within her. Something in her had changed, she felt much lighter, happier and more beautiful. She smiled as she felt her soul rejuvenate.

She pulled herself out of the bed, slipped in her robe and stepped out of the room to look for him. She realized she didn’t know his name. What would she address him as? How foolish of me to not have asked his name, she chided herself. When did they even speak to know anything about each other? The night was one of passion and lust, not one for coffee and conversations. She walked around the house, checking every room but she failed to find him.

Surprised by his sudden disappearance, she decided to get ready and leave. That day, she did not see him. Weeks went by. There was no sight of him. The crow, too, never appeared again. What kind of a mystery was this! She laughed in annoyance as she thought about him! She was getting desperate to see him. She was desiring him like never before! She even visited his house only to find it locked.

Angered by his unexpected behavior, she convinced herself to let go of him. That night while in the shower, she wanted to wash away his touch from her skin. The softness of his lips that she could still feel on her breasts had to go! When she got out of the shower, with only a towel wrapped around, she was rapidly pulled by a force. It was him! He was in her room, holding her tight by her waist. It wasn’t a dream, nor was it her imagination. He was right there, in full form.

His thirst for her pulled him back from obscurity. Before they knew, they were making love furiously. They were starved of each other. She did things to him, things she could only imagine. She heard him moan in pleasure while giving him head. He kissed her all over. The moment was intense. Her scent mingled with his as they pushed against each other, moaning and breathing heavily in ecstasy till they came.

While she lay in his arms that night, she showered him with questions. Where have you been! Why did you leave me! Why did you just vanish? He heard her patiently and smiled seeing her innocence. She asked him if he would leave her again.

The exhaustion of the night’s affair drove her to sleep in no time. Upon waking up, she found him gone. If only she could stop her tears from welling up! She burst out crying. She cried ceaselessly because she was not strong enough to deal with the thought of separation. She had given him all of her and he never considered revealing himself to her.

It wasn’t a regular emotion she felt towards him. It was ethereal. While she pondered over these thoughts, she heard whispers. This time, she didn’t shudder with fear. Instead she heard them, carefully. She heard the whispers that said, “I’m with you, wherever you go. When thirsty, say my name. I’ll be wherever you are. I’ll be your forever shield, protecting you, wanting you, craving you and loving you”.

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