The Perfect Gift

Hi all, I’m extremely excited to present my story to all of you. I wish to thank Phylor for providing this week’s photo promt. My interpretation of the picture, for the 76th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge, is as follows.

flash fiction

He was running short of ideas. What could be the “perfect gift” for her?

He had already showered her with all his love and he had no means or the riches to buy her a diamond ring.

Bee would be turning 23 tomorrow. She would receive luxurious cars, clothes, perfumes and stilettos. Her friends would kiss her on her rosy cheeks. She would look like a fairy in her scarlet dress.

A sudden idea, then, struck him. He felt an impulsive rush of excitement. He weighed his gift to what the others would give her. No sooner did he feel the rush than it subsided. The gift wouldn’t be an expensive one, but it would be one that she would love.

That morning, when Bee stepped out of the porch, she found a luxurious car waiting for her. While she gleamed with happiness, a horse walked in and parked itself next to the car. Bee’s happiness escalated to ecstasy. The horse was, indeed, the “perfect gift” for Bee.

(168 words)