Those Silent Screams

Tick-tock… tick-tock… shouts the clock,

There goes the alarm singing its atypical rooster song,

A reminder of a new day’s knock.

Eyes open, still dry from the parched night of dreams long.

Then begins the trail of “beeps” and “toings”, mail after mail, text after text and notifications and likes of my pictures with booze.

Bargaining for few more minutes of sleep,

Shutting the stupid sound of the alarm, letting it snooze.

Just ten more minutes for the next beep,

Ten minutes terminate in ten seconds.


Wake up. Brush. Eat.

Lipstick. Check.

Eyeliner. Check.

The once discarded strands of the eyebrow appear sprawling

Shoot! Are the overgrown eyebrows looking too bad?

Oops! My arms aren’t waxed, can’t wear sleeveless.


Full-sleeve top. Check.

Wear Crocs because its monsoons

Doesn’t matter if it matches with my attire. I need a walk, a comfortable walk.

A walk for few minutes is a MUST!

These few minutes of walk give me air to breathe, give me space to see what’s unseen, to peek into my dreams.

It gives me room to vent those silent screams!

The screams of the daily clutter,

The pilling emotions, anxiety, jealousy and want for life to glide over butter.

The screams need outlet,

Not in the literal manner but in a way that’s unheard,

One that is relieving and revitalizing.



Start with smiles and a goodwill.

Tick tock, tick tock races the clock.

Racing, speeding, rushing and battling comprise my regular drill

I need sleep.

Sleep is all I need. Sleep for eight hours or more, a day.

Home is all I need

To put an end to those silent screams.