The Storm

There is a storm, one that is capable of grave destruction, one that blows away all thought processes, one that does not fathom stability, one that sees no barriers but envelopes everything it sees on its way, like a tornado. That storm is dangerous in its form and structure for it understands no mercy.

It takes over like a thunderous cloud that’s full of rage and aggression. It pours devastation without any healing. It’s so dark that the darkest hole seems brighter. The storm loaded with wrath. Its clouds reasoning. It blocks all light. The storm lasts as long as it damages everything under its eye. It rejoices wreckage. It dances to the cries of pain and annihilation. It’s mighty swirls and twirls shadow happiness.

This storm is not unknown. It remains hidden, somewhere in the dark which aids it in disguising itself. It waits patiently to leap out. Hide and seek; it’s a game he loves playing. The moment it sees serenity, peace and happiness, it springs out of its hiding and wreaks havoc, massacres every being and every element of happiness, till it satiates itself!

The storm is selfish and sly. The storm is known, to us all. It resides in the darkest corners of our mind. It looks for no opportunity to take over and when it takes over, it brings anger, frustration, restlessness, depression and fury. All reasoning is supressed and rage dominates just like the storm.

Sometimes there is no control or safety precautions because it’s a coup, it comes unannounced. It’s like the beautiful orange, the lovely apple, the delicious strawberry, the mouth-watering mango and the tasty grapes put together and squished in a mixer grinder – all destroyed from their true forms.Storm-rain-17265646-600-600



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