The White Space



The world is made of two sides- Black and White. Black signifies the dark side while White represents the brighter side.

The Dark side is often seen as mysterious and powerful. It is a world of domination and greed. The White side of the world is, however, simpler with promises of happiness and love. Those who live in the White side of the world often experience the various shades of joys and live a life of contentment. While the residents of the Black side are in constant struggle for more power and acquisition. There exist no atoms of happiness. Avarice rules. Those who successfully manipulate and manoeuvre reach the top and suppress those who fail. There is evil hunger and malevolent temptation in the Black space!

In the White side, there are bright yellow and red flowers, rainbows, green trees, blue sky, chirping birds, human species, the vast oceans and the endless noises of joy. In the Black side, there is disgust, anger and black clouds. What divides the Black and the White world from each other are lighter shades of each colour that emerge from them. From the White world, there exist few steps that lead to the Black world. These steps are the colours that arise from White and eventually become Black. The first step is slightly darker than the White world, the next is slightly darker than the previous and the next is darker still. Upon crossing this darker step, one will be ushered to the Black world which is the darkest of all.

From the Black side to the White side, one will descend to a slightly lighter shade than Black. Two steps to the lighter and the White side will be reached. These spaces of lighter shades between the Black and the White form the border between the two worlds. The White world of peace is comparatively smaller than the Black world of violence.

I reside partly in all these spaces that separate the White from the Black. My mind is a part of the White space while the rest of my body is a part of the three spaces. I’m four steps away from the borders of the Black world. In the White space, I receive peace and happiness. I derive my motivation and my reason to live. Being human can be dangerous sometimes. It is easy to let one self be tempted by greed, power and narcissism. It is easy to fall prey to frugality. It takes little effort to give in to the Black. It takes an enormous amount of effort to say NO to temptation and reside in the White.

Most of the residents of the Black get access to the spaces that separate it from the White. They come crawling and licking their arms. They possess an evil grin. They come to entice those of the White world. They are predators who come to prey. They extend their claws and expose their pointed teeth to grab and catch hold of those vulnerable to fall out from the White. They come in various dark colours. They laugh demonically and try luring the weak. They, however, do not get access to the White Space. Those who trespass the line, are burnt down to ashes as they cannot bear the light of happiness.

I often find myself deserted and abandoned. That’s when I see the creepy monsters crawling towards me slowly, as though they would devour all of me into morsels. Before they take over my mind in the form of fear, I close my eyes and recall the true spirit inside me. I think of all the happy memories, my joys, my folks and the force that has brought me to the White Space. It is this force which fills me with colours of hope. It is this force that gives me faith. When I open my eyes, I see all the monsters perish. Before they come too close, I’m enlightened by the force. They come hungry with drooling mouths but they disappear the moment the white aura behind me begins to shine.


P. S- This post does not make any reference to any form of racism. It is entirely a product of creative thought.
Illustration by Pradeep Yadav –