The days of the blooming Poinsettia!

It felt like falling.

A deep gorge within the beautiful valleys. The sun shone beautifully with all its might. It was a lovely winter day. The sky was blue, as blue as it could get. The trees were greener than ever. The roads were exceptionally clear unlike the other days. From a distance, the whole scene looked like a portrait painted with the brightest colours by the anonymous painter. The delicate cherry blossoms added joy to the universe. The blooming Poinsettia announced the arrival of Christmas which in turn indicated the end of a year and the coming of another. Nature seemed to be dancing to the tunes of the silent wind. Winter was here and there was so much happiness around.



The blooming Poinsettia has always been a harbinger of joy and hope. But not this time.

This time, I fell deep into a dangerous depth but I was breathing still.

It has been 4 years since I heard the people walk past my house singing carols. It’s been days since I felt the winter chill my bones. It’s been days since I soaked my skin in the gentle yellow rays of the winter sun. It’s been days since I lived that crucial part of my life.

I closed my eyes. The road ahead of me was hazy and unclear. The foggy road blurred my vision and confused me. I could not see the road ahead. There was no blue sky but a dark cloud eclipsing the joy. There was monotony in the darkness and dullness. Neither was there cherry blossoms nor were there any Poinsettia. I knew it was time for them to bloom but I could not find them anywhere. I searched frantically for a way out, to a world with blue sky and bright flowers.

But something pushed me and I fell. It grew darker and darker as I fell deeper and deeper. A thumph! I fell on something hard. I wasn’t hurt physically, not a scratch on my skin. But inside me I could feel gallons of blood violently gushing through the narrow veins causing the friction to kill me from within. I gathered myself and stood up. My legs were shaky with the commotion inside me and the fear, I could feel rising slowly. I stood still. Without moving a limb further I was ushered into what seemed like a cave. The darkness had numbed my senses and had made me incapable to fathom the depth of the unending darkness.

I knew it was only a phase and that I had to keep myself strong. I gathered all my courage and took my first step ahead. I knew nothing about what lay before me. I could have probably stepped onto a snake or could have just fallen into a black hole. My movements seemed mechanic. And then I seemed to lose control of my movements. The ground below moved and it suddenly shuddered!

I lost balance and fell once again.

I didn’t know how or where I was falling but I kept falling from a great height. I closed my eyes and I saw the beautiful valleys. I saw the blue sky and green trees. I heard the whistle of the gay breeze and the singing of the birds. I smelled the last drops of the evaporating rain. I saw the blossoming Poinsettia smiling at me. I wished to touch one of them and feel the joy of Christmas at home. If only, I could choose to stay and smell the breeze and not fall!