Hey! What’s your genre?

Wherever I go there exist fragments. While sitting or standing, while eating or while drinking, while walking or travelling, I come across multiple fragments. Let me just call these fragments, genres. There exist genres everywhere, in every nook and cranny of the plagued country!

When a country talks about “Equality” for every citizen, it only invites ridicule and mockery for itself! It is a harsh but absolute and complete reality! No matter how much an individual practices or preaches equality, he/she, unknowingly, ends up falling in the complex trap of these genres!


Now coming to the meaning of these genres, or rather “what I mean by genres are the divisions” – the divisions of humans into the various categories. History hold evidence enough to show the existence of these divisions since the inception of mankind. I’m not talking about the caste system in particular.

The caste system is not the only system that categorizes humans. There exist many genres made by man. And that there is no one reason for my liking for the term, or why I chose to term it such.

“You belong to this compartment!”

“You cannot sit on that chair!”

“You cannot eat that food!”

“You cannot walk on that pavement!”


Humans are extremely funny sometimes. It takes them less than a millisecond to point fingers at others.

So what if, one fine day, I decide to take the 1st class train compartment because I couldn’t fit myself in the 2nd class? I’ll be ripped! Those penalising me will not see me as a human. They will see me as a vagabond, wearing nothing but rags, begging for food, travelling from one place to another in search of hope. I will be shunned by them, looked upon as a criminal and showered by scorn for my crime of travelling by the 1st class when I actually belong to the 2nd or the 3rd or the 1000th class of the human genres.

Our society is nothing but a snarl. It sympathizes little with individual emotions. One has to constantly be on guard to not step into outer lands, lands that he/she is not permitted into. One has to constantly keep reminding herself/himself of the limitations.

I don’t take the 1st class train compartment, I belong to the 2nd class of travellers. I do not eat when all bosses eat together on a fancy dining table with a massive spread of delicious food. I do not travel by rickshaw; I travel by bus. I do not wear Vero Moda or Zara, I wear the fashionable clothes from the roadside.


It is amusing to see how my genres changes through the day. When I’m by myself, I’m part of no class. When I’m at work, I belong to a particular genre, when I’m leading a team I’m pushed to the highest genre and when I’m in a crowd I belong to the “insignificant” genre. I circulate from one genre to another in a matter of 24 hours!!

It’s rather sad to see how people, deliberately, elevate the position of one and simultaneously demote the position of another. I was at a shoot a few days ago and shoots engage a hell lot of man power. At lunch, I saw people setting up two different areas for food.

“Madam, please sit here and eat.”

“But I want to go there and eat.”

“No madam, it is for the others from the crew.”

Now “The Others” were those who had worked 24×7, slogged and toiled without a pause with us. They were given a separate place to eat. Not that the food was different, or the tables or chairs were of different quality. What was different was the class, the class that they had so effortlessly created in a matter of few minutes. Why? I don’t know!

While travelling, the 2nd class compartments are packed! The 1st class ones remain close to empty. Why people travel by 2nd class, is because it’s affordable, rather cheap. Why do the 1st class and 2nd class exist, when people are practically standing on top of each other in the 2nd class with the 1st class literally empty? What is the point in having an empty compartment and jam-packed compartment adjoining it?


These genres only point fingers at the positions humans hold. It’s actually futile asking questions about something which is so deeply rooted in the society. Change seems far sighted. Wherever you go, wherever you sit or stand or walk, hierarchies will follow. Humans will continue walking, talking, eating, practising, circulating and living in these endless hierarchies which will further lead to psychological anarchy.

I’m actually and honestly amused by this system. But I’m curious to know – what’s your genre?