The Other Day

Was she not the girl I had seen at the bakery the other day? The girl at the bakery too had red hair with blonde streaks lining the lower ends of her unkempt hair. But she was way fatter than this girl. Nah! That wasn’t her.

Aren’t my shoes looking exceptionally clean? The golden straps with pink centered design is calling out for attention of my eyes. It’s not letting me look straight at the road. People have brushed past me without me noticing their approach.

As always, I’m never on time. When I wish the most to see delightful faces to greet me at work, my expectations are always turned down. The tall man with a bald patch, protruding belly, salt and pepper hair will be awaiting to turn his grumpy face at me and ruin my mood.

What about the transaction that was made from my account without my knowledge. I had to check on that urgently! What if that imposter withdraws all my money! I’ll be left to the streets in that case.

What is she going to wear to office today? No matter what she wears, she will have the hundred thousand boys lurking around her hoping to peek through her deep-neck dress. God knows what extent she can go to draw attention of the useless boys!

My feet actually look amazing. But is it my feet or the shoes?…


Consumed in thoughts, I walked. I was in a haste. I had to reach office sooner than ever. I sprinted my way towards the station, pushing the shameless pedestrians who stood selfishly on the way. As I walked up the staircase, I kept staring at my feet. The shoes gave me some joy, so I accelerated my pace while climbing up.

And then I fell!

It is, but, a human tendency to fall while walking up the flight of stairs or while walking down, while climbing the ladder of success or while soaring in achievement. In life, we fall. I too fell at the station in the presence of hundreds of people. No sooner did I fall than I was taken over by embarassment. I quickly gathered myself up and started walking as though nothing happened. Two- three pedestrians were kind enough to come for help. As I walked, I felt the embarrassment still tingling me from the inside. As I waited for my train, I was taken over by a thought- I hope that no one, from those who had seen me fall, recognises me as the girl who tripped and fell.


As I thought and kept thinking while in the train, I asked myself, “Why was I embarrassed of the fall? Isn’t it but natural to fall? Why did I become so self conscious post my fall? Is it because I was just another pedestrian before the fall and then during the fall I gathered attention and became the “Girl who fell” after that? What was so wrong in falling? I’m not the only person who fell in the history of mankind! And so what if I fell? People fall and then they rise! The falls have their intensity. People have had massive falls, the consequences of which they remember till they reach their graves. Mine was insignificant in comparison to the other falls. It is these falls that make us rise and shape our identities. We are products of our ebbs and flows. Why should I be ashamed of my failures? When we can celebrate success, we can laugh in distress.”

I laughed to myself as I walked to my destination.