Hey Uncanny Stranger!

Hey uncanny stranger, you stare all day and you stare not slyly, you stare most obviously! With a demeanor so impressive and expressive, a comportment exquisitely imposing, you command all that’s around you! But you walk most evidently towards me, to stare only? Be it on the phone, at the canteen or on a normal conversation with a friend, you are intently looking at me. I notice you and follow your gaze. I know your eyes are, constantly,on me.

You cross my path once and a thousand more times and you stare but never smile! Your eyes speak a zillion words which you refrain from saying. Your gait, mannerisms and your actions speak louder than anything.

A dreamer that you may call me for “imagining” this and deducing the fact that you may have a certain kinky desire or a bawdy fascination towards me, I believe what I read from actions and most of all I believe in the energy I receive from people around me. There’s an air of mystery around you which makes me breathe deep.

Your anonymity draws my unwanting attention to you. You magnetize me! Whatever may be your intentions, you surely arouse curiosity in me. Yes! I know you’re right there behind me when I don’t even see you. Your air is distinguishable! The aura around you emanates so much energy and distict unpsoken signals.

What can be more eloquent than your eyes, those raving, differently elongated, black eyes that are always fixed on me?  What is it that you want? Can there be another step after this? Or do you choose to go on with staring? Is there anything at all you wish to obtain or may be even extract from me? You make your hesitation or ego, or whatever you call it, so blatant and evident!

At the lift while coming out you stare, at the balcony you constantly watch my actions, you wait at the gate for me, at the party you follow me and when at work you walk close and sit behind me!

Didn’t we have moments of eye contact not once but a couple of times!? Didn’t we cross paths uncountable number of times?I don’t want to look at you but I end up looking out for you, I mean why wouldn’t I especially when I know your gaze is following me?