Impairment of Nature

Be the change to change

Walking through the lonely path with nature’s raving beauty staring at me, I stand still and glance hither and thither for a moment.

The sun with its golden rays is shining bright while the pink and red daffodils are smiling with all gaiety. The sky with its blue hue is embracing everything around it while the soft breeze is making the boughs sway gently letting the leaves to fall on the ground.

The chirping birds are singing their own sweet songs and flying in their own mirth. I, like the lonely viewer, find myself standing amidst such beauteous affair. I take a deep breath to feel the freshness of the cold air that gushes across my face. Astounded as I am, I take a few steps ahead slowly and silently.

amapolas,flowers,nature,red,sea-95b4403bd011ad605c85d00cbe8137ee_hAs I walk forward, suddenly the whole picture changes. In a fraction of a second, the greenery is replaced by another filthy picture. Taking another step forward leads me into a world where I can see people mercilessly hacking trees and polluting the environment. The glimmer of the water is lost, lifeless bodies of birds fall from the sky, forested land is made barren and filth fills the air.

I stand there traumatized at the sudden turn of events. I suddenly fall out of breath getting choked in the grimy surrounding and that is when my dream comes to a halt and I wake up with a palpitating heart. It takes me time to decipher the meaning of the dream. It is an implication to save the environment and it prompts me to take measures to protect it.