Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Love, Just like that

To the guy who has created an inerasable place in my heart. To the guy for who I’ll forever uphold my due respect and love. To the guy who’s made me produce this… Continue reading

Discovery of a Kind : Death by Chocolate

The drought, which was being spoken about by every single soul and every newspaper and news channel, was one which caused the death of many inhabitants living in the Bastar region of west… Continue reading

Two Moments

A sudden rush deep through the spine, the red heart pumping blood like never before, eyes shut, a struggle for breath, a tight clasp by the hand, legs crossed, shivers all across, a… Continue reading

She who is gifted is different (Poem on an autistic child)

Touched by the glazing light, she shines bright In the aura of the undimmed morning sky. The tender breeze touches her soft, so soft that The delight of the dayspring overfills her With… Continue reading

Beat the Pessimism

When life seems awry and is on the verge of getting dismantled, negativity overpowers positivity and you seem to land into the road of devastation. Were those the internal factors that caused such… Continue reading

Slam book days

Never in my sanest sense could I have ever anticipated myself having a so called ‘crush’ on any guy at the age of 13 or was it 12? Superlatively naïve that I was,… Continue reading

The Essence of Kolkata

First things first: Kolkata flows in my blood Let’s first have a peek into how Kolkata looks like to a fellow traveler from Howrah onwards.  The hustle and bustle of the filthiest stations… Continue reading